Thursday, 28 February 2013

2013 Chinese New Year Family Gatherings

Time flies, the 15 days of Chinese Lunar New Year(CNY) celebration had already ended last Sunday.  During those two weeks, we had quite a few house visiting and food gatherings among relatives and friends. As usual every household would either cook or cater food for the gathering where everyone enjoys the food and bonding time.

Below are some of our family CNY gatherings foodporn for your viewing.


This year my mum decided to hold Chinese New Year gathering over at my place so that I could help her up with the cooking plus preparation. You can read more on this new year gathering plus some recipes over at this link HERE.


Every year without failed, Aunty Irene (uncle liang's wife) and cousin Sharon will whipped delicious homecook food for the group of us during our visit to their house. I always love her signature dish which is the "Braised Sea Cucumber" that is loaded with ingredients such as clam, mushroom, black moss, roast pork and etc.

Cousin Sharon's homemade Sushi

{Dessert} Yam Paste (or nee)

{Dessert} Cheng Teng
As for dessert, Aunty Irene prepared Yam Paste with lot of ginkgo nuts and lotus seeds which makes it taste lighter and not so greasy with just only those gluey mashed yam. Her homemade Cheng Teng was also very refreshing and fragrance due to the Osmanthus flower that she added. Love all her desserts to bits.


This year due to one of my cousin taking "O" level and etc, Aunty Grace totally forgotten about pre-ordering the CNY buffet for family gathering. So leaving without much choices (as most of the caters already closed their CNY ordering), she settled with the buffet from eCreative.

The overall presentation and quantity of the food looks good but a few of the dishes were not up to our expectation perhaps due to festive cooking or mass production of the food.

As compared to their main dishes, most of us agreed that their high-tea items taste much better than their main. Love the Sweet Crystal Bun (水晶包) which is wrapped with red bean paste.


At LaiChoo aunty house, we were amazed by her Homemade Fruity YuSheng which was so colourful and nicely done that we can't bear to toss and eat it. According to aunty she added some fresh fruits such as Strawberries and Pineapples to the the pre-packed Yusheng kit to enhance the taste and colour . 

Everyone gather together to toss the Yusheng!

After tossing this is how it look like. A mixture of fruits, shredded vegetables and fresh salmon slices.

The best thing I like about CNY gatherings is when all the relatives and friends get together around the table and enjoy the food and bonding time.

Above are 1/2 of the Steamboat ingredients that Aunty LaiChoo and Cousin Alvin prepared.

Other than those steamboat ingredients shown above, Aunty LaiChoo also cooks her signature Teochew-Style Braised Soy Duck which we all loves. The duck meat was tender and flavorsome plus aunty also add in extra firm beancurd and hard-boiled eggs to complete the dish.

Aunty who is very good in making desserts, prepared 3 of our favourite desserts which were Agar Agar, Yam Paste and Lotus Seeds Soup.


On the last day of CNY, Uncle Hock Cheng invited us to his house for a lunch gathering where they specially prepared some of their home signatures such for us. Love the Sambal Prawns and Fried Spare Ribs that his helper prepared using homemade sambal sauce and special marinade for the ribs.

Besides all the yummy food above, Uncle Hock also prepared his signature Fried Oyster Omelette (Or Luak/Or Jian) for us. I was impressed with his fried omelette dish and I even I asked him for the recipe so that I could try it out on my own. If you are interested in making some fried oyster omelette do stay till for the upcoming recipe soon.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

ThaiExpress 2013 New Revamp Menu

This year 2013, ThaiExpress has launching a new menu with over 130 items. The revamp menu aims to freshen up local diners' palate with new items inspired by authentic Thai dishes from different parts of Thailand. The new menu also highlights popular Thailand's street snacks, salad, noodles and etc which patrons will be able to satisfy their Thai cravings at a whole new level of dining while ThaiExpress reveals the hidden Thai delicacies to Singapore.

This new revamp menu is available at all 24 ThaiExpress outlets located islandwide.

Naam Ma Toom - Traditional Thai Herbal Drink @ S$6.20
For a start, I have a cup of this Naam Ma Toom which is a Traditional Thai Herbal Drink on their new revamp menu. This herbal drink is brew using Bael Fruit (巴埃尔) and it is considered as a health drink in Thailand. For your information this drink is supposed to be good for cleansing the stomach and helping digestion too. I love the refreshing and light after taste fragrance which resemble rose / fruity flavour.

Thai Chendol (Chilled) @ S$6.80

Khoa Tang Naa Tang @ S$7.90
I must have missed this popular Bangkok street food during my recent visit two months back. This Khoa Tang Naa Tang is served by placing some Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce on top of the crispy Thai Rice Cracker.

Top Rice Cracker with Creamy Chicken Filling and eat it while hot.

Gai Op Pattaya @ S$9.90
Although I have not being to Pattaya before, but with the new revamp menu at ThaiExpress I am able to try their Gai Op Pattaya which is a Thai-style Roasted Chicken.  The roasted chicken drumstick is tender and juicy with a light lemongrass and herbs aroma which goes well with accompany soya dipping sauce and cucumber salad.

Kway Teow Lui Suan @ S$9.30
{MUST TRY} Kway Teow Lui Suan also known as Thai-style DIY Minced Chicken and Dry Kway Teow Salad is a great appetizer to start with. Although it might be a little messy when handling this salad dish (as you need to wrap up the minced meat filling using lettuce and rice noodle sheets) but with a few hands-on I am sure you would be able to do a great job on wrapping it too. Overall we love the taste of the flavoursome minced meat mixture which pairs well with the crunchy lettuce and soft rice sheet. Quite similar to the Vietnamese spring roll concept but with different fillings. 

Steps On How To Wrap Kway Teow Lui Suan

Kway Teow Sukhothai @ S$11.30
{MUST TRY} Kway Teow Sukhothai is one of the popular noodle dish from Sukhothai which is a province of Thailand. At first glance, you might have a perception like us that this bowl of noodle would be "extremely" spicy due to it's fiery red colour. But surprisingly it has an addictive taste that cross between sweet, spicy and sour which quite similar to our local Mee Siam.

Khao Tom Pla  @ S$9.30
For kids or someone who don't take spicy food, ThaiExpress's new revamp menu has introduce a new dish known as Khao Tom Pla which is a Thai-style Fish Porridge.  This fragrance porridge comes in generous portion that toppings with some fried garlic and Chinese coriander to enhance the taste. With that, there is also a special dipping sauce for the fish that taste like mixture of light soy sauce, fermented soybeans, grated ginger and etc.

Although this might not be the same fish porridge like those sold in the hawker center or foodcourt which use Mackerel or Grouper fish but for a chance, this is indeed something that taste good too.

Ta Kor S$6.80
Mun Cheam @ S$5.30
To complete the meal, we tried two of their new desserts which are Ta Kor and Mun Cheam. For those with sweet-tooth, Ta Kor which is a famous Thai fragrant pandan jelly with coconut custard and corn kernels would be a great choice for dessert.

 For me if to choose between the two desserts mentioned, I would go for Mun Cheam which is steamed sweet potato with coconut milk. Surprisingly this steamed sweet potato comes with a crunchy outer skin and firm texture when compared to the usual steamed potato which is soft. On top of that, Khao Niao Mamuang (sweet glutinous rice with fresh mango and coconut milk) and Thai Chendol are my favourite dessert from ThaiExpress too.

Lastly I would like to thank ThaiExpress and Chantel for hosting us on the tasting.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Rise And Shine Carnival @ The Lawn

Photo Credit: Rise And Shine
This coming 03 March 2013, Rise And Shine is organizing a Singapore's largest breakfast fiesta known as Rise And Shine Carnival at The Lawn, Marina Bay. Every family can register and come together with babies or young children and have a fun Sunday morning as well as be part of it to set a new record for the highest breakfast picnic turnout.

At the carnival, little ones would be enthralled by lot of fun games such as gigantic bouncy castles, engaging crafts including balloon sculpting, face-painting and stellar stage performances. The Rise and Shine Carnival also aim to prepare you and your children to bond as a happier and healthier family,

Sample:- Rise And Shine Carnival Registration Form


Register over at  for a fee of S$8.00 per adult (plus 7% GST) where children aged 12 and below entitled FREE admission. Also every paid participant will receive a set of game coupons worth S$10.00 to be used at the carnival.

Furthermore, for the first 1,000 sign up, there would be a goodie bag worth S$100.00 out for grab too! And you will receive a unique Goodie Bag ID in a separate email, which must be presented for you to redeem your goodie bag.

Photo Credit: Rise And Shine
For more information on the Terms and Conditions plus Registration Details, please refer to their event registration page shown on the link here.

As one of the Ambassadors of Rise And Shine Campaign, Cuisine Paradise is partnering with Rise And Shine to giveaway some Complimentary Rise And Shine Carnival Admission Ticket (2 Adults Ticket) to TWO lucky readers. Upon winning you could join us with your kids at the Rise And Shine Carnival on 03 March 2013.

How To Win:-
1. Click LIKE and SHARE the above photo over at Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page (here); AND
br /> 2. Leaving a comment (on facebook) sharing with us one of your breakfast idea for your kid(s), example: egg mayo with wholemeal bread.

Closing Date: 22 February 2013 (Friday), 5.00PM
*Giveaway is open to those reside in SINGAPORE only and with a valid mailing address.

[Updated on 25 February 2013]


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

[Sponsored Post] Instagram Magnets By StickyGram!

Recently I received an email to try out one of the new online printout service known as "StickyGrams" which makes magnets out of your Instagrams photos (cuisine paradise's Instagram). All you need to do is "login" into your instagram account, pick "nine" of your favouriate photos ($14.99/sheet of 9 magnets) and send in the "printing request".

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Instagram Photo Magnet from StickyGram

And about a week after your order has been confirmed, you would be able to receive your beautiful 9 square Instagram Photo Magnets (each magnet is about 5cm x 5cm in size) which you could share it with your friends or readers as souvenir for them to stick on! Isn't that cool...... Furthermore, the quality and resolution of the printouts were also up to satisfaction which appears better to what I expected.

For more information, you could refer to StickyGram website @


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Our 2013 Lunar New Year Reunion Dinners

Today is the 4th day of Chinese Lunar New Year and it seems like just last Wednesday we were all busy preparing to welcome new year and yet now it's already 3 days (out of the 15 days) past the new year celebrations. I find this year seems to be quieter as compared to previous years also you don't really find crowds around doing house visiting and etc. Perhaps due to the long weekends or raining weathers, most of the people rather choose to stay dry in doors or go for a short holiday trip too.


Jing Long Yu Sheng (金隆鱼生盆)
As usual this year we also had early reunion dinner with in-law at Jing Long Seafood Restaurant together with my mum and etc. As this was our 4th year (past years dinner here) having yearly reunion dinner there, we decided to have the dinner a few days earlier before the Lunar New Year Eve in order to avoid crowds plus mass production of the dishes.

Yu Sheng (鱼生) is always my favourite dish among the rest even when it was compared to abalone or lobster. I love the fresh ingredients especially with lot of shredded vegetables and pomelo that toss together with the Yu Sheng dressing. And having Yu Sheng as starter during Lunar New Year symbolized abundance, prosperity, luck and etc which makes this dish a must have during New Year gathering or dinner.

Shark's Find With Dried Scallop (干贝上汤翅)

Steamed Red Grouper With Crispy Salted Turnip (菜莆蒸红斑)
Interesting combination to add crispy salted turnip as toppings on the steamed grouper to enhance the taste of the fish with aromatic fragrance plus slightly salted flavour. Before eating we still thought the topping might be some "crispy bean (豆酥)" which was commonly used by Chinese restaurants on steamed fish

Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables With Fried Lotus (夏果白合皇)
This vegetables dish is simple and yet refreshing with lot of crunch from the assorted vegetables like celery, carrot, black fungus, lily buds and etc. But the most eye catching ingredient would be the paper thin fried lotus chips which added bonus point to the dish.

Lychee Prawn Ball (荔枝鲜虾球)
Apart from our favourite Wasabi Prawn Balls, this new Lychee Prawn Ball was indeed something different using deep-fried prawn balls coated with lychee fragrance mayonnaise sauce and served together with some fresh fruit salad beneath.

Hong Kong Style Pork Ribs (港式焗子排)

Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice (荷叶飘香饭)
Usually for Chinese New Year dinner the 2nd last dish always end with either Longevity Noodles or Steamed Rice with Preserved Meat which was wrapped with lotus leaf. Personally I would prefer noodles rather than rice which is too filling by the end of the dinner. 

Cheng Teng (雪耳八宝汤)
New Year dessert cannot do without Cheng Teng, Orr Nee (yam paste) or Red Bean Soup with Dumplings which symbolized auspicious meanings and sweetness for the coming new year. And for myself, my favourite new year dessert is always Orr Nee!!!!

The 8 courses menu shown above was for 10 persons which cost around S$388++ during Chinese New Year period and we find that the serving seems to be a bit lesser for 10 pax as compared when dine-in during normal days.   

412 Bedok North Ave 2
Singapore 460412
Reservation: (65) 6442 9398

(The Riverwalk)

Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng (三文鱼捞起)
For the past few years we have being joining small aunty's family for reunion dinner during Chinese New Year Eve and this year our dinner venue was at Jumbo Seafood Gallery which located near Clarke Quay MRT station along the Riverwalk.

Assemble the Yu Sheng with fish, seasonings and lot of Auspicious words before the Lo Hei starts.

Everyone ready for the "Lo Hei (捞起)" which is a MUST have before having the New Year dishes.

Superior Shark's Fin Soup With Conpoy (干贝大生翅)

Steamed Live Boston Lobster with Minced Garlic (蒜香蒸波士顿龙虾)
For a 10 persons menu, 2 lobsters were served and they came with big claws too! But personally I prefer baked lobster, lobster sashimi or salad rather than steamed because I am not a fan of "garlic" if it was over loaded in the dish too.

Huge Live Boston Lobster

Stir Fried Scallops served 2 ways (鸳鸯鲜玉带)
Something that I like for that night's menu was their scallop which served in two different cooking methods within a plate. The whole scallop was wrapped with mashed yam and deep-fried till golden brown which resemble golden coins whereas in the yam basket, the sliced scallop was stir-fry with capsicum, onion and XO sauce. 

Steamed Live Soon Hock With Lotus Leaf (荷叶蒸笋壳)
Steamed soon hock was rather a disappointment as the fish was over cooked and the combination of "Xue Cai (雪菜/雪裡紅, salted vegetables) and Enokitake (金针菇)" at the base don't seems to bring out the flavour and sweetness of the fish. We still prefer the Cantonese Style of steamed fish with soy sauce.

Braised Whole Abalone And Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce (蚝皇原只鲍鱼扣花姑)
Braised Abalone with Mushrooms is a common dish which appears in most New Year Menu despite of whether having in the restaurant or at home. This was because most Chinese believed abalone symbolizes abundance of wealth which sounds like "年年有余" in Mandarin.

Stewed Bee Hoon With Seafood (黄焖海皇米粉)

Red Bean Soup With Glutinous Rice Balls (红豆沙汤圆)

Menu for the Reunion Dinner

The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road #B1-48
The Riverwalk Singapore 058416
Reservation: (65) 6534 3435

Lastly I would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year with abundance of health, love, happiness, wealth and etc.....



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