Monday, 29 August 2011

Crystal Jade Tea And Wine Mooncake for Mid-Autumn

With Mid-Autumn festival around the corner, Crystal Jade has a wide selection of traditional mooncakes as well as some New contemporary ones. Their traditional flavours include White Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste with Double or Four Yolks, Red Lotus Paste with Single Yolk or Double Yolk, Mixed Nuts and Ham(翡翠金华火腿) and Mini Traditional Mooncakes.

As for its more contemporary offerings, Crystal Jade has combined two distinctive flavours into one creation with its Cognac Coffee Mini Snow Skin Mooncake - 干邑咖啡 (brown colour, middle row), Red Wine and Cranberry Mini Snow Skin Mooncake - 红酒蔓越莓 (pink colour, top row) for wine lovers with it's full-bodied blend of red wine leaving a lingering note on the tongue together with coupled with a sweet cranberry goodness.

If liquor is not your choice, perhaps some Crystal Jade’s tea-infused snowskin mooncake such as Green Tea and Plum Mini Snow Skin Mooncake - 绿茶梅子 (green colour, front row) that comes with a lovely concentration of forest aromas will be a refreshing treats for you. We love its hint of plum taste lingering between those fragrant green tea paste which balance the overall sweetness.

For some light and healthier version of Mooncake, you can also try this New Crystal Jade’s Western Konnyaku Jelly Mooncake floral tea series (S$4.80/ each). These include the Roselle And Hawthorn Konnyaku Mooncake - 洛神花山楂蒟蒻月饼, Honey Chrysanthemum Konnyaky Mooncake - 菊花蜜蒟蒻月饼, Jasmine Green Tea Konnyaku Mooncake - 茉莉绿茶蒟蒻月饼 and Osmanthus and Plum Konnyaku Mooncake - 桂花乌梅蒟蒻月饼.

Or if floral tea series is not towards your desire, then go for their Aloe Vera Konnyaku Mooncake - 芦荟蜜蒟蒻月饼 which consists juicy bits of aloe vera that adds a refreshing and delicious texture to your bites.

For DBS/POSB Credit and Debit Cardmembers, there is a n exclusive 15% discount for all traditional and western mooncake gift sets. You can refer to Crystal Jade on-line "Mooncakes Leaflet" for more details on the pricing and flavour available HERE.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Great Kids Cook Out @ United Square Mall plus Junior Chef Cooking Competition

With September school holiday and a few public holidays like Hari Raya Puasa around the corner, why not bring your kids to embark a Creative Culinary Adventure as United Square celebrates its 9th Anniversary. At the event kids are able to pick up cooking techniques and explore recipes from celebrity chefs like Forest Leong and Catherina Hosoi plus Ellena(myself, a food blogger)

For this event, United Square Shopping Mall hopes that with some creativity added to those dishes it might be able to ‘help’ picky eaters by transforming eating into a fun and enjoyable learning experiences from the 4 interesting set up kitchens. And as part of United Square 9th Anniversary Celebrations, Great Kids Cook Out event are held from 26 August to 11 September 2011 where children aged 4 to 14 years old can personally prepare nutritious and creative dishes and learn basic table etiquette from experts of the field.

Great Kids Cook Out
26th August - 09th September

In order to let your kids participate and have fun in any of the kitchen shown below, you would have to spend at least $80* at United Square retail outlets to entitle a "Cooking Pass" to qualify for The Great Kids Cook Out.

For Age Group 4 – 8 years old

Pizza Making conduct by myself and my group of chef to enable kids to design their own pizza using healthy wholemeal bread with fresh vegetables topping such as Broccoli, Cucumber and Carrot together with tomato base pasta sauce and shredded cheese. (Pizza design created and endorsed by me)

Kaya Fondue Making conduct by Chef Forest Leong and her group of chef to teach kids how to cook up some health and delicious kaya using fresh ingredients and serve it on some designed cutout wholemeal bread.

For Age Group 9 – 14 years old

Next Bento Making is also another kitchen handle by myself and another group of bento chef where participant gets to learn moulding the rice ball and assemble the bento box with cooked vegetables, grilled teriyaki chicken, and quail egg.

The participant for Bento Kitchen will get to learn and bring back either one of these set of bento which I am sure they will be overwhelm of their master piece. (Bento design is created by me)

For the same age group if you are not keen in Bento, perhaps making Rainbow Snowskin Mooncake from Chef Catherina Hosoi will be great for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival too.

More related photos on the Great Kids Cook Out HERE at Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page.

For your information, this is a Daily event starting from 26 August till 09 September from :-
~ Mondays to Fridays: 11.30pm to 7.00pm
~ Saturdays and Sundays: 11.30am to 8.00pm

United Square mentioned in their facebook (HERE) that as the kitchens are always having full classes they advice parents to go early with the kids or try to avoid weekends crowds!

Junior Chef 2011

And for the coming September School Holiday, Parents World together with Untied Square Mall and Health Promotion Board there will be a "Junior Chef Cooking Competition" on 10th and 11th September where participants get to either decorate a cake or cook out a dish to impress the judges(Celebrity Chefs Forest Leong and Catherina Hosoi, plus myself) and walk away with attractive prizes and trophy.

For more details of this Junior Chef Cooking competition and registration, please refer to Parents Word official website HERE. Closing Date for registration is on 05 September 2011. For enquirers you can call 6295 0810 or e-mail to


Monday, 22 August 2011

{Updates} Winners of New Zealand Natural Ice-cream Giveaway!!!

Finally the results for both Part I and II of the New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream Giveaway are out. I sincerely thanks each and everyone of you for your warm participation. Although some of you might be disappointed as you are not one of the "4 Lucky" winners who gets to try out these complimentary Ice-Creams, but I am sure you can always grab a pint or two at the nearest Cold Storage at your area.

Here we congrats, Jos Goh(facebook) and Paulytaya(Blog), please contact me via email at so that I could advice you on the collection details.

Congrats to Chocbundt(1st Winner) and Jade Koh(2nd Winner).

Hope everyone enjoys your complimentary ice-cream and so share with us your view upon trying it too :)


Friday, 19 August 2011

{Review And Giveaways} New Zealand Natural Ice-cream - Part II

Continue from the previous NZN Ice-Cream Giveaway, above are the 2 Lucky Winners out of the 53 entries. Congrats to Chocbundt(1st Winner) and Jade Koh(2nd Winner). Please contact me via email at so that I could advice you on the collection details.

For those who missed out or did not win during this 1st Giveaway, don't worry we have another round two with more yummy icy treats which will whet your taste buds. Let's read more to find out.....


Cookies and Cream is always an all-time favourite for those who prefer something more than a smooth and creamy ice-cream. With those crunchy and tasty bits of chocolate cookies swirling in between the creamy ice-cream definitely leaving each and every mouthful with a desire for more.

As you can see we love to have it with bread for our afternoon tea-snack in away to fill the stomach and cool the heat.


Similar to Mango Sorbet(you can check it out HERE), Forest Berry is a almost 97% Fat Yoghurt product which taste great with it's natural refreshing flavour and generous bits of berry traces in each scoops. For your information this Forest Berries is made with live probiotic cultures, strawberry juice blend, blueberry, raspberry and etc. Mostly it contains both the antioxidants fruits and yoghurt which is good for our body and at the same time rewards us with some healthy aftermeal treat.


Hokey pokey origin from Australia and New Zealand where it is make from plain vanilla ice cream together with small, solid lumps of sponge toffee. And friendly speaking this is our first time trying out NZN Hokey Pokey ice-cream and to our surpised it really taste great especially with those crunchy bits of honeycomb and chewy caramel in it. I bet you will help yourself with more than 2 scoops if you love caramel stuffs.



Similar to the previous NZN Giveaway, if you are residing in Singapore and keen to participate this "New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream Giveaway", just leave your Name and Answers to the following questions in the "Comment Box" below. (example: Ellena, Ans: Hokey Pokey, Cookies and Cream......").

1. Name the 6 Flavour of New Zealand Natural Ice-creams mentioned in the 2 Giveaways post.

2. Name the Supermarket where you can purchase these pint size of New Zealand Natural Ice-cream? (hint: Read more HERE)

I will pick up ONE lucky winner with all the correct answers on Monday, 22 August 2011 and he/she will get  2(Cookies and Cream And Forest Berry) complimentary pints from NZN Ice-creams at NZN, Paragon outlet.

For Facebook Giveaway on the NZN Hokey Pokey Ice-cream:-
Please click on this link HERE to participate.

Good Luck everyone!!!! Have Fun!!!!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

{Review And Giveaways} New Zealand Natural Ice-cream - Part I

Have you wonder why New Zealand Natural Ice-cream(NZN) is so delicious? That's because it is made with the freshest, best quality ingredients as well as fresh daily cream from cows that feed on the green unpolluted pastures of New Zealand. Here I so glad to receive 6 tubs of assorted premium ice-cream from NZN for a review as well as to share the joy of "Ice-cream Giveaways" with ALL readers from SINGAPORE.

This giveaway will be conducted in two different posts with 3 ice-cream flavour reviews and 2 winners on each post. So if you love ice-cream and wants to give this NZN premium ice-cream a try, read up the reviews and scroll down to the bottom of the post to participate and pick your choice for this giveaway.


My boy's first priority of choice when comes to ice-cream is always either chocolate or cookies and cream. So when he spotted these two flavour in the freezer he can't wait but to keep asking me to let them sample first.

And to my surprised he actually ditched his favourite brand of chocolate ice-cream and ask me to get more of this NZN Chocolate Ecstasy for him. He told me he loves the rich and chocolatey taste which true enough i find it taste better with a smooth finishing taste and tinge of bitterness if compared to the other bands. Further more according to NZN website, Chocolate Ecstasy ice cream was rated the best amongst a similar flavour from three other competitors in a blind test conducted by a research company (Euro RSCG Research).


Ladies or weight watcher if you are looking for something refreshing and yet 99% FAT FREE perhaps you can consider this NZN Mango Sorbet. Upon opening the cover you will be greeted by it's vibrant colour which similar to peach and smooth texture with refreshing taste. According to their leaflet this mango sorbet is blended into a smooth puree using fresh tropical mangos that comes with natural sweetness.


As you have read up from one of my recent post(HERE), NZN Classic Vanilla ice-cream is voted as one of the most popular pick among the other two leading brands of Vanilla ice-cream in Singapore. Those who have tried NZN Classic Vanilla commented that it has the smoothest texture compare to the rest and it's mild creamy taste blend well either by having it plain or serve as a topper on apple pie or brownie. Sometime we also love to have it with Root Beer to replicate our favourite Root Beer Float too.



If you are residing in Singapore and keen to participate this "New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream Giveaway", just leave your Name and share with us an interesting way on how you usually eat your ice-cream at the "Comment Box" below. (example: "I love to dip my fries into vanilla ice-cream").

I will pick up TWO lucky winners on Friday, 19th August 2011 and he/she will get either 1(Classic Vanilla) or 2(Chocolate Ecstasy And Mango Sorbet) complimentary tubs (473ml each) of NZN Ice-creams from NZN, Paragon outlet.

To INCREASE your chances of winning:-

A. "Like" the New Zealand Natural Facebook page at this LINK for additional chances to win. (please state on comment that you have "like" the page by leaving your facebook nickname for verification)


B. Share this post via your facebook, twitter or website to double up the chances of winning. (please state the link(s) on ANOTHER NEW comment post if you have shared using any of the above methods for double draw)

Good Luck everyone!!!! Have Fun!!!!


Congrats to the 2 Lucky Winners! Click HERE to find out if you are the Lucky one :)


Monday, 15 August 2011

{Review And Giveaways} New Zealand Natural Ice-cream

If you have follow my blog or facebook page updates you might still remember there was a fun "Blind Taste Test" game which I have shared in one of my recipe posts a few weeks back. To my surprised someone from New Zealand Natural(NZN) actually spotted that post and contacted me regarding about the test result. And so coincidentally, NZN also conducted a blind taste test prior the launch of their products and it comes out that both our taste test results were similar.

Below is the link of the "Blind Taste Test" game which you might be interested to read more under this link Chocolate Ice-cream Cone Cupcakes with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Furthermore the PR from NZN was kind to delivery 6 tubs of their assorted Premium Ice Cream for me to review and taste test. So Stay tune for more updates on upcoming post this week as well as Giveaway of FREE Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream to 4 Lucky Winners!!!!!


Monday, 8 August 2011

{New!} Tasty Breakfast Choices @ Burger King

Recently Burger King(BK) launched a new Breakfast Platter which is specially made for those who wants a healthy start for the day. This set consists of freshly cooked omelet folded around a filling of Turkey Ham and American cheese, smoked chicken frankfurter (made with 100% chicken breast, sage and mace) together with tangy taste of freshly grilled juicy tomato. Beside those mentioned there is also fluffy croissan'wich bun and generous portion of bite-size round hash browns to make this a hearty and wholesome breakfast platter.
Meal Price: S$7.45* (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)
*price varies at selected restaurants

But if you prefer something light and flavorful for breakfast, perhaps you can consider any of these bite size BK SHOTS Egg Benny or Tomato Benny. These breakfast sets come with either slices of ripe red tomato and buttery egg omelet or a delightful combination of Turkey ham and fluffy egg omelet patty both nestled in the soft seedless bun with premium creamy Hollandaise sauce.
Meal Price: S$3.50 (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)

Or you still prefer this all-time classic in BK’s breakfast menu which is made with buttery fluffy CROISSAN’WICH bun, American Cheese, slices of thinly shaved Turkey Ham together with soft and buttery egg omelet.
Meal Price: S$5.45* (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)
*price varies at selected restaurants

For your information, these 4 sets of breakfast treat are complemented by a cup of piping hot Seattle's Best Coffee to brighten up your day. You can read more about these Seattle's Best Coffee in another post HERE.


Friday, 5 August 2011

Crystal Jade Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Culinary Carnival

In celebration of Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding's 20th Anniversary, the home-grown restaurant chain is holding it's very first 3 Days Culinary Carnival at the atrium of NEX shopping mall. This carnival starts from 05 - 07 August 2011 and will feature a wide range of Crystal Jade dishes, cooking demonstrations, quizzes and competitions. Most importantly the profits will be donated to World Vision, an international aid organization.

As part of Crystal Jade's focus on corporate social responsibility, the restaurant chain will donate the event's profits to World Vision whereby 80% of the anticipated 100,000 dollars raised will go to the One Life Fund bursary scheme while the rest will go to World Vision development projects in rural Vietnam.

The Carnival coupon is available for sales at all Crystal Jade outlets, Carnival Hotline @ 6512 0800 and Ticket Booths located at atrium of NEX shopping mall at a value of S$30.00 per booklet including 1 FREE bottle of 500ml Sunbeam Oil while stock last.  Please note coupons purchased are for one "specified" day only and you will get another Extra S$5.00 coupon by using Citibank Credit Card to make payment for the S$30.00 coupon booklets too. More details of the Culinary Carnival, please refer to Crystal Jade website HERE.

The Carnival will have 12 food booths offering a wide range of cuisines, each representing a different Crystal Jade concept. This is also the first time members of the public will be able to sample such a wide range of Crystal Jade dishes all in one location - with selections from its fine-dining outlets to its casual and family restaurants and bakeries.

La Mian Demonstration by Crystal Jade Chef on 3 different types of La Mian, including the fine Dragon Beard Noodles(longxu mian)that can thread those needle. After some impressive demonstration by chef, there is also a La Mian Competition whereby audiences would get a chance to hands-on.

So remember to hop down to the Crystal Jade Culinary Carnival from today onwards till 07 August 2011 to savour a spread of Crystal Jade favourites, and as well contribute your share to the society by purchasing some carnival coupons and be part of the profits given to World Vision to help those who are in needs.



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