Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cze Char Food Gathering @ JB Ah Meng, Geylang

Time flies, it seems just a few days ago when we had our monthly Food Gathering at Old Airport Road Food Center (read more HERE) and yet last Saturday evening we had a enjoy gathering again for the month of April. This round we set foot at a Cze Char Stall near the alley of Geylang Lorong 23. It was such a fun and exciting night where we have food, dessert and excitement seeing some Police Officers patrolling around the alleys as well as chasing a prime suspect.

When Maureen(Miss Tam Chiak) first told me about going to “JB Ah Meng” for month gathering I was kind of shock as in I thought she was planning a food trip to Johor, Malaysia (JB). But it was till then I realize that JB Ah Meng is actually a Cze Char stall along a street at Geylang Lorong 23, Singapore.

This is one of the Menu from JB Ah Meng Cze Char Stall. They also have some other in-house special dishes which are written on pink paper which pasted in front of their stall.

For starter we have Deep Fried Fish Skin(香炸鱼皮)with serve with Green Papaya Salad and sweet chili sauce. The fish skin was quite crispy and not very oil but the papaya was rather too little, hard and big pieces in size. Perhaps they could improve on the papaya salad like those julienned Thai style version.
Price: Deep Fried Fish Skin(香炸鱼皮) @ $13.00 for Medium serving

This Stewed Chicken with Liang Fen(粉皮焖鸡) comes with chicken pieces, shittake mushroom, black fungus on a bed on liang fen (mung bean noodle sheets). The translucent liang fen is hidden underneath the chicken pieces which appears to look like those soon kueh skin. The gravy is prefect to go with steamed rice with hint of sesame oil fragrant and this is indeed a very home cooked style dish.
Price: Stewed Chicken with Liang Fen(粉皮焖鸡) @ S$15.00 for Large serving

Nothing fancy about this Fried Fish Head(炒鱼头) which is just some fried red snapper fish head pieces that stir-fried with ginger, spring onion and etc. Although it has some wok fragrant but it might be too salty if it is to be eaten alone without any steamed rice. And moreover there is much "meat" pieces which makes it quite expensive for it's price.
Price: Fried Fish Head(炒鱼头) @ S$18.00 for Medium serving

Here comes their famous pancake style fried bee hoon known as J.B San Lou Meehoon(新山三楼米粉). It has a slightly crispy top and a bed of choy sum hidden underneath the bee hoon so the best way is to give it a toss to mix it well before eating so that the choy sum will be evenly spread out.
Price: J.B. San Lou Meehoon(新山三楼米粉) @ S$10.00 for Large serving

This Vegetable with Golden Mushroom(豆根金针菇) was well received at our table with it's soft and silky fried tofu that braised in the oyster sauce gravy together with cuttlefish, shittake and enoki mushrooms. At the side there are still some generous amount of balanced baby bok choy to accompany it.
Price: Vegetable with Golden Mushroom(豆根金针菇) @ S$12.00 for Medium serving

Maureen's must try Brinjal Potato with Chilli(地三鲜) dish which consists of brinjal, potato and green capsicum. For this dish, the brinjal are cut into long and wide pieces which then coated with batter and fried till golden brown together with potato cubes. These ingredients are then toss in the wok and blend well together with green capsicum and gravy. Although t his might look a bit greasy but it is sure taste great and you won't even notice that "brinjal" in it.
Price: Brinjal Potato with Chili(地三鲜) @ S$15.00 for Large serving

Not much of Fermented Beancurd taste on this Deep Fried Fermented Bean with Belly Pork(腐乳炸花肉) dish and the pork meat was rather tough and dry. This dish could have be better if the key ingredient "fermented beancurd" taste is stronger or even more tender meat that suits everyone in the family.
Price: Deep Fried Fermented Bean with Belly Pork(腐乳炸花肉) @ S$12.00 for Large serving

According to Alice who is one of the regular who patronise this Cze Char stall, this White Pepper Crabs(白胡椒螃蟹) is one of her favourite dish when taking orders. For about S$24.00 you get to enjoy 3 medium size crabs(some still have egg roes) that cook in fragrant white pepper sauce that is a great deal not to be missed. 
Price: White Pepper Crabs(白胡椒螃蟹) @ S$24.00 for 3 crabs

This Snake Bean with Lotus Root(蛇豆炒莲藕) is one of our favourite veggie dish with different layers of "crunchy" texture. They use snake beans (long bean), tossed with celery, salted fish, pork bits, dried shrimps and crispy lotus root chips. Although the lotus chips seems to be a bit over fried but still everyone of us love it's thin and crispy texture.
Price: Snake Bean with Lotus Root(蛇豆炒莲藕) @ S$15.00 for Large serving

The last was supposed to be the best as we are having high expectation for this Salted Egg Prawn Ball(咸蛋黄炒虾球) which was highly recommended by Makansutra and ieatishoot forum. These salted egg yolk prawns with fried battered corn kernels are supposed to be sweet, crunchy and crispy but what we had on that day was rather hard, salty and dried. So most of us were quite disappointed with this dish.
Price: Salted Egg Prawn Ball(咸蛋黄炒虾球) @ S$24.00 for Large serving

JB Ah Meng
No. 2 Geylang Lor 23
Telephone: 6741 2418
Opening Timing: 5.30pm - 3.20am


After finishing our 10 Course Dinner at JB Ah Meng, we then proceed to our Durian Feast Session at "Wonderful Fruit Enterprise(旺德福)" which located at 147 Sims Avenue upon recommended by the lady boss at JB Ah Meng.

This is the "horrify" scene when you put "18 Durian Lovers” together with their favourite Durian. As you can see everyone is eager to “rip” off the fruit despite of the spiky shell in order to have a seed of these delicious fruit. Honestly we don't really find the Durian is of good grade at this stall, example the "Hong Xia - 红虾"(shown on the bottom right photo above) that we had is totally lousy with sour, tastless and funny combination of taste which cost us more than S$30++ for just 1 durian.

For Durian lovers out there, do you have any good location or stall to enjoy Durian feast? Do share with us your experience.

Lastly I would like to thanks everyone who join us for this month Cze Char Food Gathering. You can proceed to their fabulous blogs below for more read up too.... So what's up for our NEXT gathering.... stay tune :p

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Monday, 25 April 2011

SOFT! Softserve IceCream

Soft!, a silky smooth Japanese soft-serve ice cream store which is barely a year old in Singapore. I personal loves their slogan, "Life is hard, enjoy SOFT!". According to Trixie, SOFT! use only premium Japanese cream that is low in fat content to make their softserve ice cream which pairs with their premium ingredients which imported from overseas such as Australia.

Using a wide variety of quality toppings, Soft! has came out with 40 special concoctions to date through rigorous research and tests to satisfy your weary souls. Besides soft-serve ice-cream, they do offer drinks such as Root Beer Float, Fizzy Cherry Float, Ice Milo Float, Pokka Coffee Float  and etc.

Can you make a guess on which flavour she is preparing for us? Hint: With Butter Scoth concoction on it :)

Yes! You are right, this is their NEW Maldon Seasalt Special using organic seasalt as one of the toppings together with butter scotch sauce. You will be definitely blown away with either "Like(s)" or "Hate(s)" for this special flavour. Some of us finds it blend well with that touch of salty from the seasalt whereas one/two might just dislike that taste and find it too salty to have savory ice-cream.
Price: Maldon Seasalt Special @ S$3.90 per cup

Nothing beats a cup of freshly made Softserve Ice-Cream with dried cranberry chunk and honey pearls serves with Fresh Mango Puree and Mango Pudding. The sweet and fragrant mango plup make this a refreshing dessert with a "thumb" up combination.
Price: Zara Mango @ S$3.90 per cup

When I first pop a teaspoon of this Sesame Way into my mouth, I was delighted by it's combination of black sesame sauce with vanilla softserve.The hint of nutty and bittersweet taste from the sesame sauce blends well the ice cream and azuki bean paste. When you sunk your spoon further down, you can find some sponge cake which goes well with the overall combination of texture from the spongy cake to crunchy sunflower seeds and etc. And don't worry, this is not a choice just for folks only I am sure most of the youngest would this combo too.
Price: Sesame Way @ S$3.50 per cup

The best selling flavor at SOFT! is their Godzilla Max which has a mixture of Hershey’s chocolate fudge, Oreo crumbs, Milo power and Post’s fruity pebbles! If you are a chocolate lover this is sure to be in one of your must have list in Soft!
Price: Godzilla Max @ S$3.50 per cup

Compare to Sesame Way above, some of us find this Straits Chendol a bit out of way in their concoctions combination. Perhaps the fruity pebbles should be removed and replaced by something else as the fruity taste from the pebbles seems a bit strong and cover the nice aroma and taste of the Gula Melaka.
Price: Straits Chendol @ S$3.50 per cup

This Lic Kat is a popular choice among couples where the softserve is based on top of some crunchy cereal and top with Horlicks, nestum cereal and butter scotch sauce. In addition, this cup also comes with a slice of kit kat which makes it perfect for those with sweet tooth.
Price: Lic Kat @ S$3.90 per cup

If you are interested to try some of these softserve ice cream, SOFT!’s flagship store is located at Downtown East(beside Wild Wild Wet), #01-23 with another recently launched outlet at Hougang Mall(beside Ya Kun), #B1-K17.

Lastly I would like to thanks Trixie Khong and SOFT! for the warm invitation and hosting for this tasting event.

SOFT! Softserve Ice Cream


Thursday, 14 April 2011

[Win $13,000] Nature Valley New Delectable Chewy Bar

In early April this year, Nature Valley has launched at new chewy bar that comes in two flavours – Mixed Berry; Fruit and Nut. The bars are made with all-natural ingredients, such as almonds, peanuts, cranberries, blueberries and whole-grain oats that are of good health benefit to our body. Personally I prefer the Fruit and Nut option because I love the nutty taste and chewy texture of this healthy snacks. And most importantly they are not too sweet to my liking and it definitely makes at prefer snack at anytime of the day.

Nature Valley Chewy Bars are priced at S$6.30 per six-pouch box and are now available for sale at major supermarkets for a limited time only or while stocks last. For more information on the Nature Valley products or latest promotions, please visit: for details.

From 18 April to 29 May 2011, just buy any two boxes of Nature Valley granola bars to enter an island-wide promotion, which enable you to stand a chance to win $13,000 cash.

And for those Radio 91.3FM listeners, you can also get complimentary Nature Valley granola bars when you tune in to the station for the car decal giveaways on 21 and 28 April 2011.

As for those who are craving for something crunchy instead of chewy, perhaps you might want to pick up a box of this Nature Valley crunchy snack bars that are made with whole grain oats with no artificial colours or preservatives. They are available in delicious crunchy flavours such as Oats and Honey, Roasted Almond, Maple Brown Sugar, Apple Crisp and a Variety Pack at only S$6.30 per six-pouch box.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Nestle MILO 3-in-1 Easy Cool

Making a glass of icy cold MILO is always one of the idea beverage which is refreshing and thirst-quenching in our hot and humid climate. Recently Nestle Singapore has launches a brand new product known as MILO Easy Cool where you no longer need to prepare cold MILO in the traditional way of mixing a hot cup of milo with ice cubes or cold water.

Now no matter where you are, either at home, office or school you can always enjoy cold MILO at any time of the day with little hassle. Just take a sachet of the MILO Easy Cool, add it into cold water and within a few seconds you will be able to enjoy a glass of flavourful icy beverage just like those available from  the old school days Milo truck.

Also for quick and easy way of making this icy MILO Nestle has bundled a free cooler bottle which you can freeze the core and insert it into the prepared MILO drink which will makes your beverage cool within 2 - 3 minutes. This is indeed a good thoughts rather than adding icing cubes which might dilute the taste of the MILO, but if you can't get hold of this free cooler bottle you can still make  the drinks using cold water striaght from the refrigerate. 

This new MILO Easy Cool is also endorsed by the Singpapore Health Promotuon Board's Healthier Choice Symbol with healthy goodness such as: Actigen-E, ProtoMalt, Vitamin C and Calcium etc. You can easily purchase these at all leading supermarkets such as FairPrice, Cold Storage, Shop N Save, Giant, Carrefour and Sheng Siong at a retailed price of S$5.95 per packet of 15 sachets.



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