Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kichi Kichi Express Rotary Hotpot

When you talk about Hotpot, what is the 1st thing that comes in your mind? Varieties of Foods, Environment, Pricing or ? I am sure you would like to enjoy fresh quality of food when it comes to hotpot. No one would like to see a plate of dry and dull meat or wilted vegetables when making their selection.But in Kichi Kichi you can be assumed that all the food on their rotating conveyor belt are freshly packed and prepared in order to let patrons enjoy their food in peace of mind.

Steamboat is normally not my cup of tea, as I don’t like the hot and stuffy environment where we need to sit around the hotpot cooking each and individual items with a tendency that others might drop in uncooked food or items that I don't prefer before I retrieved mine.

But when we steps into Kichi Kichi last week I was kind of caught up by the bright and attractive layout as well as its interesting dining concept whereby each of us owns our individual hotpot with large varieties of food being easily access from the rotating conveyor belt. With this new dining experience it definitely makes meal more relax without being worry about the hot and steamy hotpot session that makes you sweat.

There are two types of sitting area available where patrons can choose either having individual hotpot on the highchair counter seats or enjoy family and friend quality time at booths fitted with ‘yuan-yang’ hotpots that can hold two different stocks for sharing between 2 - 6 people. And since all the hotpots are using heat sense that can auto control the temperature, patrons can easily adjust the temperature according to their preference without must trouble like those traditional charcoal steamboat.

From the ordering list, you can choose your own soup broth from their soup range such as:- Chicken, Tomyum, Mushroom(house's special), Sze Chuan, Prawn or Herbal(with additional S$1.50 top-up). During the tasting we tried their Mushroom(tasty and genuine broth with scent of mushroom aroma), Tomyum(indeed very spicy but on the downside it seems to be lacked of those traditional tomyum taste) and Herbal was rather better than tomyum with hint of herbal taste.

  While having your hotpot, don't forget to look out for one of these sauce that is on the rotating conveyor belt.   Kichi Kichi have 8 different types of homemade sauce which are:-

Row 1(in front): Vinegar and Ginger, Chilli Padi with Vinegar, Chilli Chin Chalok
Row 2(center): Chilli Padi and Soya Sauce, Kichi Kichi Chilli Sauce, Japanese Soya Sauce,
Row 3(back): Kichi Kichi Sesame Sauce, Hoi Sin

After trying these sauce a few of us voted Chili Chin Chalok as the best dipping sauce over the rest eventhough it taste a bit spicy but it is indeed a very appetising sauce that stands out from the rest. But if you prefer something sweeter you might want to consider their Kichi Kichi Sesame Sauce.

  Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, if you are having the mood to enjoy early steamboat with friends and family without having the trouble to prepare those ingredients and washup, perhaps you can consider visit Kichi Kichi and try their exclusive CNY Buffet Package! This CNY Buffet Package allows you to enjoy delicious hotpot buffet with additional items such as Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Salmon, Lo Hei and Mandarin Oranges too.
Price: CNY Buffet Package S$38.80 NETT

Each set of the CNY Buffet Package also come with a generous plate of Sea Cucumber which is a great steal if you like these jelly and crunchy texture stuffs.

Overall the food was quiet good with wide range of over 60 ingredients that are available for patrons to pick from their rotating conveyor belt. And we all agreed that their customers’ service was good and efficiency with friendly staffs clearing the empty plates regularly and asking to refilled the soup broth even before it reached the half line.

In addition to the buffet items, there is also a premium A La Carte selection items available such as Salmon Belly, Fish Head, Oysters, Scallops, Sliced Venison, Sliced Wagyu Beef and etc.
Price: Ranging from S$3.00 - S$5.00 ++ per plate

  Or if you are look for a quick and affordable weekday hotpot lunch, you can also choose from any of the 4 Combo Meals during Monday - Friday (except public holidays) from 11.00am - 3.00pm at any of their Kichi Kichi outlets(refer end of this post). And furthermore, each combo meal also includes a bowl of rice, soup, one soft drink and fruit too! (more details HERE)
Price: Ranging from S$7.99++ to S$8.99++ per set

After a good and fulfilling lunch, I was caught up by surprised from the group of friends as they have prepared my favourite "Chocolate" cake to celebrate my Birthday. I didn't thought that a normal food tasting session would turn out to be a Birthday celebrations and I am really touch and grateful to each and everyone of them who give me this warm hearted surprise. Thank you my dear friends!

Lastly I would also like to say thanks Jasmin and Kichi Kichi - Express Rotary Hotpot for hosting this food tasting event.


Kichi Kichi Express Rotary Hotpot
City Square Mall(outlet)
180 Kitchener Road

Ngg Ann City(outlet)
391A, Orchard Road
Podium Block, Level 5

Website: http://www.expressrotaryhotpot.com/

Reservation And Enquiries @ (65) 9170 1146


Monday, 24 January 2011

8 Chicken Choices from Burger King

Recently as a part of Burger King ongoing commitment to their consumers, they have served up 8 different sumptuous chicken varieties meals for chicken-lovers. Be it grilled or fried, juicy or crispy, spicy or mild, from set meals to snack treats there is sure a deal that suits your choice.

From "The Classic - BK Chicken" to "Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken" or Snack such as "Mexican Drumlets" to the NEW "Black Pepper Basil Drumlets", Burger King leaves you spoilt with all its chicken varieties that you can enjoy during anytime of the day.

Whenever you look step into Burger King there is always varieties of items on their menu  such as  creating your desire Whopper with any of the different add-ons sauce/toppings, chicken-lover you can select your choice from the 8 different types of chicken varieties or fish burger. With these I am sure there is definitely one choice that sure your mood and taste for the day. 

And if you fancy something spicy and crispy, this "Spicy Tendercrisp Chicken" that made from 100% premium chicken thigh meat, deep-fried to perfection with every succulent and juicy bites would be a great choice. This burger is also served with bed of fresh shredded lettuce, slice of ripe tomato and creamy mayo sauce in between corn-dusted bun.

  [Good News!] From 13 January - 16 February 2011, you can get 2 pieces of Black Pepper Basil Drumlets FREE with any purchase of  LARGE Chicken Meals(comes with large fries and drink). These Black Pepper Basil Drumlets are perfect as an appetising snack or serve it as an extra side for a satisfying value meal. Most of us who tried  it during the tasting love its hint of aromatic basil flavour and spicy black pepper taste.

You can purchase this separately without ordering the set meal at:-
~ 2 Pieces @ S$1.95
~ 4 Pieces @ S$3.90

Furthermore as part of the new campaign for its 8 chicken varieties, Burger King release "NEVER CHICKEN OUT" spoof videos to send a message of empowerment. You could check out the spoof videos  and their facebook fan page contest at the following links for a laugh or
opportunity to win a Microsoft XBOX 360 and Burger King food voucher :-

1. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BurgerKingSg

2. Burger King Singapore Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/BurgerKingSingapore


Monday, 17 January 2011

Taiwan SunnyHills Pineapple Cakes

I am sure during Chinese New Year most households would have at least a tub of freshly made or store bought "Pineapple Tarts". And for those who loves Taiwan snacks, their famous Pineapple Cake(凤梨酥) or Sun Biscuit(太阳饼) is definitely something that you would not want to miss out.

Last week I have received a complimentary box of Pineapple Cakes from "Sunnyhills(微热山丘) which is air-flown from Taiwan. According to the local distributor Mr Damian these pineapple cakes are made from fresh ingredients that do not contain any preservatives or colourings. From the photos you could see that each brick-shaped pineapple cakes is individually packed and sealed to maintain it's freshness till the expiry date.

Sunnyhills Pineapple Cakes (微热山丘凤梨酥) used only the native Cayenne pineapples from the rich fertile soil of Ba Gua(八卦山) mountains in Nantou(南投) area to make their pineapple stuffing which is full of natural sweet and sour goodness.

These golden brick-shaped crusts are made using premium eggs mixed with gourmet baking flour from Japan and pure New Zealand butter. No wonder each mouthful that you bite brings out a wonderful buttery aroma and fine texture from the pastry. And with its authentic gift box set that comes in 3 different sizes including a little warm greeting card, I guess this might be something special that you would want to consider in your Chinese New Year gift purchasing list.

  In order to achieve customers satisfaction, the distributor for Sunnyhills Singapore would also give out free individual tasting packet (sample shown above) to customers who visit their booth during the festive event period. So if you are interested to find out more about this new product from Sunnyhills, remember to pop-by at Funan IT Mall starting from 17 - 31 January 2011 on the Chinese New Year Food and Lifestyle event.

Or you could also contact them at (65)8522 9605 for enquiries or place your order which they would delivery to your door-steps at your convenience at a minimum amount purchased. Lastly Iwould like to thanks Sandy and Damian for sending us these delicious Pineapple Cakes from Sunnyhills which comes just in time for Chinese New Year.


Contact: (65) 8522 9605
Fax: (65) 6792 8211
Email: services@sunnyhills.com.sg
Website: www.sunnyhills.com.tw

~ FREE DELIVERY for oders S$90.00 and above.


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hong Kong Sun Kee Vs Dessert Story

Recently with a few newly renovated shopping malls and the new launched of NEX and Bedok Point around matured HDB area it seems that you can easily spot one or two Asian dessert stall in any of the malls. For instant the new "Hong Kong Sun Kee Dessert" has already set their foot on NEX and Bedok Point to capture the hearts of the patrons with their unique Desserts and Wanton Noodles.


  Upon Opening Promotion Sun Kee is having a great S$2.00 deal for the well-known "Mango Pomelo Sago - 杨枝甘露" dessert at their NEX and Bedok Point outlets. So if you are a fan of Mango Pomelo you must not missed out their special promotion that is valid for both dine-in and take away in these two specify outlets.

Since last week we are at the newly open Bedok Point we decided to drop by Sun Kee and try out some of their desserts which I have read some good feedback on. The first dessert to serve is "Lemongrass Jelly with Mango and Black Pearls - 柠檬草王子". The lemongrass jelly is very smooth till can  be wobble down your throat leaving a light lemongrass scent. In the bowl you could also find generous amount of chewy black pearl and fresh mango cubes that makes different texture and taste.
Price: S$3.80 per bowl

I am sure most of you have eaten black glutinous rice with coconut milk (Pulut Hitam) which is a common dessert found in Singapore. But this "Black Glutinous Rice Ball on Coconut Milk and Mango Puree - 芒椰糯米球" found in HK Sun Kee is rather different. The black glutinous rice ball is sitting on top of the mango ice together with cubes of fresh mango and good amount of coconut milk to enhance the taste. Overall this is quite an interesting combination but we feel that the glutinous rice ball was kind of too dry and the grains is more on the hard texture side rather than soft and sticky.
Price: S$5.30 per bowl

This is their S$2.00 promotion item known as "Mango Pomelo Sago - 杨枝甘露". The combination of mango puree with small sago pearl goes well with the juicy pomelo topping which makes this a great tropical dessert during hot days or after meal.
Opening Promotion: S$2.00 per bowl (Usual Price: S$4.80 per bowl)

As for snack we are caught between the choice from Osmanthus Jelly, Custard Bun and this "Water Chestnut Cake - 马蹄糕". But guess we finally settle for this pan-fried water chestnut cake which taste great with its slightly burnt and crispy outer texture.
Price: S$2.80 per plate


  Last month Dessert Story has opened a new outlet at North Point, Yishun where patrons can either dine-in at the store area or takeaway the orders. So with its' attractive menu and clean layout concept we decided to pop-by and try out some of their dessert after our Sunday service last weekend.

After making our orders we are very surprised and kind of disappointed with the presentation of their food. With the price that we are paying for, it seems that most of the food and desserts are being served on those  party type of white paper plate and bowl which makes it look so unprofessional. And for this "Mango Snow Ice - 芒果冰", the colour of the mango look rather brown instead of those bright yellow. Overall the mango taste rather sourish instead of sweet which makes this dessert a disappointment in taste.
Price: S$3.80 per bowl

  But at least their "Durian Pengat" taste quite decent with a scoop of pure durian paste sitting on top of the shaved ice and drizzle with generous amount of coconut cream and Gula Melaka syrup (Palm Sweet Syrup).
Price: S$4.80 per bowl

I was attracted to this "Triple Colour Steamed Cake" when placing the order. According to the cashier staff each colour represents a different ingredients such as "Purple - Yam Cake". "Orange - Pumpkin Cake" and "White - Carrot Cake". After tasting we find that there are actually nothing fancy about these steamed cakes or its' sweet sauce but except for the accompany dried chili sauce which was spicy, fragrant and it did extra some points to this snack.
Price: S$2.50 per plate

  Since the varieties of dim sum at this outlet was limited we do not have other choices but to pick this "Steam Glutinous Rice". But at least the glutinous rice was well seasoned and the overall texture of the rice and meat were soft and tender to taste.
Price: S$2.50 per plate

With more and more dessert outlets sprouting out from each shopping malls I guess patrons like us would have more exposure to all kinds of new creations. But sometime I realised that different outlets seems to be serving different standard of food which it rather bad in reflecting their company imagine. Perhaps in order to maintain a good quality and standard of their food they should not consider to open too many outlets unless they can standardise and guarantee the quality of their servings.


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Mt Sorak National Park And Nami Island

After a good night rest and hearty breakfast our itinerary of the day would be heading towards Mount Sorak National Park to witness it beauty through granite peaks, lush green valleys, dense forest, snowy scene and etc. And due to the good weather we also have the chance to ascend to the summit by cable car and get a magnificent view of the park at the top of the mountain. After lunch we proceed to the 2nd attractions; Nami Island where some scenes from Winter Sonata are being filmed there.

Sokcho city view from the Hotel Dining Gallery at level 15 where you could at a glimpse of the city and the wide ocean and sandy beach.

Seoraksan is the highest mountainntain in the Taebaek mountain range in the Gangwon province in eastern South Korea which is located in the Mount Sorak National Park near the city of Sokcho. After the Hallasan volcano on Jeju Island and Jirisan in the south, Seoraksan is the third highest mountain in South Korea.

The nature reserve protects an area of 163.6 square kilometers and contains many notable high peaks measuring over 1,200 meters above sea level including the highest peak of Soraksan.

Perhaps the most visited part of the mountain is the main entrance valley to the National Park. The valley runs west to east with many beautiful sites and a paved road leading up to the park's entrance that is well worth for a visit.

Although it is already early winter during our visit but you still could spot some maple trees in their Autumn look too.

After a freezing trip up to the mountain top trial walk and a short visit at the main temple at the far end of the valley, we stop over at a restaurant about 20 minutes drive away from the National Park to have our lunch. So we guess this hotpot come just in time to warm our cold body temperature from all the walks at the mountain top and cold valley.

Other than mixed veggie soup hotpot we also have a bowl of "Bibimabap (Korean Stone Pot Rice)" each and some side dishes for lunch.

After lunch we took a short nap in the bus before arriving at Nami Island Wharf station. The island is situated 63km from Seoul in the middle of Han River which has a shape that look like a leaf floating on top of Cheongpyeong Lake. Entry to the island can be done via through the ferry which is at every 30 minutes  interval after the 1st ferry at 07:30 from Gapyeong Wharf.

There are also some trees that are tall enough to touch the sky, big grass gardens where deers, ostriches, rabbits, squirrels and etc live together providing a place where man and nature can coexist. In the Island you could also find Food Court, Bike Center, Sports Clubs, Cafe, Cottages, Hotels and etc.

Does this place look familiar to you? For those who have watched the Korea Drama "Winter Sonata" airing in 2002 would definitely remember the leading actor and actress, Bae Yong Joon (裴勇俊) and Choi Ji Woo (崔智友). This two rows of trees in the photo above is known as "Metasequoia Lane" where most visitors would stop-by during their Nami Island visit to take photos because it is one of the filming location of Winter Sonata.

Another view of the Nami Island near the "Nami Wharf Train Station" that is along the stretch of Central White Pine Tree Lane. Around the Train Station you could also see the Tomb of General Nami.

Dinner for the day is Ddeokbokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake) and assorted sides. It is pretty interesting to have the combination of cooked rice, rice cake strips mixture and cabbage in a hotpot. Eating this during cold winter night and enjoying the snowflakes view through the side windows is definitely something memorable for us.

After dinner, our tour guide lead us into the shopping craze at "Dongdaemun Shopping Complex" where multi-floored labyrinth of clothes, manicurists, accessories, coffee bars, shoes, toys and etc can be found selling right up till the mall closed in late night.


And for the last part of our Korea Trip I would share with you some of the photos from our visit to the Majestic Gyeongbok Palace, experience in Kimchi making and visit of Lotte World Theme Park (filming site of Korean drama "Stairway to Heaven") and etc.



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