Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ikea - Tampines Branch

IKEA has two branches in Singapore that is located @ 317 Alexandra Road and 60 Tampines North Drive 2. Both offer a wide range of well designed, functional Home Furnishing products at reasonable prices that many people will be able to afford them.

And other than the wide range of imported furnitures and home accessories. They also have their own IKEA Restaurant which offers "Traditional Swedish Dishes" like Swedish Meatballs and Poached Salmon at less than S$7.00 a set for adults. Little kids also have special kid's meal which is less than $3.00 and there are microwave available to warm up baby and toddlers food in order to cater for everyone needs in the family.

I love their Poached Salmon served with potatoes and broccoli and topped with a buttery cream sauce that does not taste or feel greasy and it really blend well with the salmon. Other than the poached salmon, we also try their famous Swedish meatballs. Em... the overall taste is great, but then we don't really like the fragrant of the meatball which taste a bit odd for us :)

Other than the above, I also get a bowl of their soup for the day which is - Cream of Mushroom but I am kind of disappointed with it as it taste kind of salty and I can't really get that touch of mushroom taste in it. But as usual, their fried chicken wings are still as good as before. The taste is great and it's best to eat while hot so that it is more crispy and tastier.


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sakae Sushi - Parkway Parade

There are about 40 Sakae Sushi branches all around Singapore which offer a wide varieties of affordable Japanese cuisine delights which range from Sushi, Ramen to Teppanyaki. Since we are in the East Coast area today, we decided to have our lunch at one of the Sakae branch located in Parkway Parade.

There was quiet a long queue due to the weekend lunch crowd but we still managed to get a seat in less than 20 minutes. Upon seated we were quiet impressed and amused by the different varieties of sushi plates available on their conveyor belt. The first item that caught our eyes it something similar to the California Maki that is top with fresh mango slices, cream cheese and black fish roe. The taste really blend well and the fresh mango slices do give it a refreshing fragrant and taste.

Second items that we grab is the Nigiri sushi that top with a thick gorgeous slice of smoke salmon which is coated with some ground black pepper.

Third items that we pick is a sushi roll wrapped with cream cheese and Japanese cucumber and also top with extra cucumber slices, prawn mayonnaise and fish roe.
Rey is a Sakae fan who loves their Nigiri Sushi, especially Tamago. He will have at least 3 plates of that whenever he dine in at any of the outlet. And today he is very surprise to find this new outlook of Tamago that they served in this Parkway branch. Look at the slice of Tamago on to of the rice, it is such a big serving that we have ever seen in other outlets before.

Next comes our main course other than the sushi plates that we had. I order this Seafood Set Lunch @ S$12.90 which consists of Half Shell Scallop, 2 Large Prawns, A slice of Pan-fry Salmon, Stir-fry Assorted Vegetable(beansprouts with onion and lot of garilc), Miso Soup, Crab meat Vegetable Salad and with a top-up of another S$2.50 more you can also enjoy their Garlic Rice.

Em... personally, I felt that they have added too much garlic and sauce in preparing the half shell scallop and the assorted vegetables which makes them pretty salty. But overall the salmon and prawn is great, especially the prawn that taste so fresh and "Q".

Although this is the very first time I tried their garlic rice, I was kind of impress by the taste and the extra topping of dried krill. Overall we give this set 75% for the taste and presentation :)

Lastly, if you are a Sushi fan, and happen to be around that area, you might also want to consider their Sushi Buffet at a reasonable price during the specific hours indicated in the pamphlet. Posted by Picasa


Friday, 24 July 2009

Mayim Chinese Cuisine

This is a very special Chinese Cuisine restaurant called "MAYIM - 天乐里" which is going to open soon in Northpoint (义顺纳福坊) at the 2nd story. They have a nice window view which is directly facing the Yishun MRT track and I also love their interior decoration and food varieties which consists a mixture food fusion.

Here is a preview of their menu outside the restaurant. From the look of it you will be looking forward to give a try on their actual dish in no time. The price range of the dishes are reasonable and affordable too. If you can't wait for the branch at Northpoint to open, you can also visit their main branch at 1 Bukit Batok Central Link,#02-04, West Mall, Singapore 658713 Tel: 6794 1590 Posted by Picasa

I will update more on their cuisine after I get to try out their cuisine in the Northpoint branch which is going to open soon.


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Banana Leaf Delights - Chicken Briyani

This is one of the famous Indian cuisine store located in the North area, inside Northpoint Shopping Center. It had being there for about almost 10 years I guess, I have started eating their Chicken Briyani since my secondary school day and only until today then I realise that they have actually changed their store name. I wonder is it still under the same management as before.........

They have a lot of variety choices such as mutton, chicken, fish, big tiger prawns and etc at a affordable price range from $5.50 to $8.00. And if you are a vegetarians, don't worry they cater for vegetarian sets too! So far, I still prefer their Chicken Briyani set and it's really a huge serving which you can't probably finished it alone.

For us, usually we will order 1 set and add one some side dishes like fishcake, potato cake, sambal egg or extra vegetables so that we can share between two person.

Personally I loved their Briyani chicken which is tender, juice and the gravy is full of fragrant and brusting favour. It goes really well with their Briyani rice which is cook to the right texture. So if you are staying in the North area, do give this stall a try. You will sure come back for more....... but you have to beware of the long queue during lunch and dinner hours.



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